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At Kyzen, we are experts in sourcing machined and engineering components. With over 50 years of collective industry experience in our family, we have built a network of reliable companies and partners in India with world-class manufacturing capabilities. Our team in India is equipped to handle a wide range of manufacturing processes, including machining, different types of casting, forging, stamping, molding, and surface processing, as well as welding and heat treatment.

We work closely with our partners to ensure that they have the necessary equipment, expertise, and quality control measures in place to deliver components that meet your specifications and quality standards.Additionally, we can help you source additional services such as powder coating, electroplating, and injection molding, through our reliable network of partners.

Our team of experts is always up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies, and we leverage our expertise to provide customized solutions that meet your unique needs. We pride ourselves on providing transparent communication and governance throughout the design, production, and delivery process. Our team in India works closely with our clients to ensure that the components they receive meet their specifications and quality standards.

At Kyzen, we are committed to providing personalized service, competitive pricing, and high-quality components. Trust us to be your procurement partner and help you source the components you need from reliable and qualified partners, with the added value of decades of engineering and manufacturing experience in our family.


Sonny ElHamahmy is not only a very successful and well respected technologist, he is one of the brightest and most talented technology minds that I have ever worked with. I have worked with him several times over the last 10+ years and still find myself looking to him for ideas and guidance when technology issues are at hand. Sonny is truly one of the best I have ever worked with.


CEO, Anduro Technologies

Initially, we were hesitant to migrate our system to the cloud, as we could not afford any downtime during the migration process – but CloudNow’s approach and technical knowledge gave us the confidence to go ahead. The result was a seamless migration experience, backed by their excellent support. We’re very glad to have picked CloudNow.

Ravi Balakrishnan

Sr. Manager - Infrastructure , Photon Interactive Pvt. Ltd

As a company that operates 24×7, it was vital for us to choose a cloud partner who could provide us with the level of support we require. CloudNow has consistently lived up to that expectation, and working with them has been a great experience.


Sr. Manager - Infrastructure , Photon Interactive Pvt. Ltd

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