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As a distinguished sourcing expert, Kaizen Sourcing extends beyond products to offer comprehensive procurement solutions for a wide array of machining services. From precision machining to casting, forging, stamping, molding, and surface processing, we navigate through a vast network of proven service providers to meet your specific requirements. Our strength lies in our ability to identify and partner with providers excelling in a variety of specialized techniques, catering to the production of components from metals, alloys, plastics, rubber, and more. The services listed on this page only begin to reveal our expansive capabilities and the depth of resources we offer. Reach out to us with your unique requirements, and let Kaizen lead the way in sourcing the exact machining services that empower the success of your projects.”


Kaizen is experienced in sourcing a diverse range of machining services. Whether you require turning for rotational parts, milling for complex shapes, drilling for creating holes, or precision services such as grinding and EDM, Kaizen can connect you with experienced providers. With an extensive network of trusted partners, they ensure you get precise and efficient machining services tailored to your specific needs.

casting services


When it comes to creating complex shapes through casting, Kaizen is well-versed in sourcing services to match your specific needs. This includes die casting, ideal for high-volume production; sand casting, suitable for larger components; and investment casting, perfect for achieving precision parts. Irrespective of your requirements for casting services – be it for metals, alloys, or specialized materials – Kaizen stands ready to identify the perfect partner to meet your standards for quality and efficiency.

Supply Chain Management


Kaizen has capabilities in sourcing forging services, a process essential for high-strength components. Whether you need open-die forging for large parts, closed-die forging for detailed designs, or roll forging for cylindrical components,Kaizen can connect you with providers that meet your demands for quality and durability.


Our stamping supply chain ecosystem comprises reliable partners experienced in handling various materials and complexities. We work with manufacturers that can offer progressive, deep draw, and fine blanking stamping solutions. Kaizen's team ensures that your stamped components are delivered on time, within budget, and meet your quality expectations through rigorous monitoring and collaboration with our partners.

Molding Services


Kaizen can source a wide range of molding services, including injection molding for high-volume plastic production, compression molding for rubber components, and blow molding for hollow parts. They ensure you connect with the best molding service providers who can meet your specific requirements for precision and material quality.

Surface Processing

Our surface processing network encompasses partners skilled in techniques such as anodizing, electroplating, and powder coating. Kaizen's team closely collaborates with these partners to ensure that your components receive the appropriate surface treatment to enhance their durability, appearance, and performance. We strive to deliver optimal results by combining our deep understanding of surface processing techniques with our commitment to quality control and communication.


Sonny ElHamahmy is not only a very successful and well respected technologist, he is one of the brightest and most talented technology minds that I have ever worked with. I have worked with him several times over the last 10+ years and still find myself looking to him for ideas and guidance when technology issues are at hand. Sonny is truly one of the best I have ever worked with.


CEO, Anduro Technologies

Initially, we were hesitant to migrate our system to the cloud, as we could not afford any downtime during the migration process – but CloudNow’s approach and technical knowledge gave us the confidence to go ahead. The result was a seamless migration experience, backed by their excellent support. We’re very glad to have picked CloudNow.

Ravi Balakrishnan

Sr. Manager - Infrastructure , Photon Interactive Pvt. Ltd

As a company that operates 24×7, it was vital for us to choose a cloud partner who could provide us with the level of support we require. CloudNow has consistently lived up to that expectation, and working with them has been a great experience.


Sr. Manager - Infrastructure , Photon Interactive Pvt. Ltd

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