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Company Information

What is Kaizen Global Sourcing?
Kaizen Global Sourcing is a US-based company that connects businesses with top manufacturers in India, offering comprehensive supply chain solutions.
How long has Kaizen Global Sourcing been in business?
Kaizen Global Sourcing has over 30 years of experience in the industry.


What machining services do you offer?
We offer turning, milling, drilling, and grinding services through our network of trusted partners.
What types of casting services are available?
We provide die casting, sand casting, and investment casting services tailored to your needs.
Can you describe your forging capabilities?
We offer open-die, closed-die, and roll forging services for high-strength components.
What is your process for quality control?
Our quality control process includes inspections at various stages, adherence to international standards, and regular audits.


What machining services do you offer?
We supply a range of efficient and reliable planetary gearboxes for various industrial applications.
Do you offer custom gear and shaft solutions?
Yes, we provide custom gears and shafts, including spur, helical, and planetary gears, manufactured to precise specifications.
What other transmission components are available?
We offer speed reducers (helical, worm, bevel) and other optimized transmission components.
What is your process for quality control?
Our quality control process includes inspections at various stages, adherence to international standards, and regular audits.


Why should we partner with Kaizen Global Sourcing?
Partnering with Kaizen provides competitive pricing, high-quality products, and a US-based team ensuring smooth communication.
Can you provide references from your existing clients?
Yes, we can provide references from satisfied clients in the US upon request.

Consultation Process

Is the consultation really free?
Yes, we offer a free consultation to discuss your sourcing needs and explore options with no charges.
Will using your service increase my cost of goods?
No, working with Kaizen does not increase your cost of goods. We earn our commission from the supplier.
How does the consultation process work?
We understand your requirements, discuss potential solutions, and provide recommendations based on our extensive network.

Supply Chain Management

How do you help diversify our supply chain?
We connect you with reliable manufacturers in India, reducing dependency on a single supplier and mitigating risks.
What strategies do you use for risk mitigation?
We conduct thorough vetting, regular quality audits, and provide flexible sourcing options to ensure supply continuity.
Why should we consider sourcing from India?
Sourcing from India offers competitive pricing, high-quality manufacturing, and helps diversify your supply chain away from single-source dependency.

Process and Support

How does the initial consultation work?
We gather information about your requirements, including needs, volume, quality expectations, price points, and scope.
What happens after the initial consultation?
We analyze your requirements, search our partner network, and present you with the best supplier options.
How do you ensure the quality of the products?
We manage the entire process, from design to production and inspection, ensuring products meet your expectations.
What role does Kaizen Global Sourcing play during production?
We stay engaged throughout the production process, coordinating with suppliers to meet timelines and quality standards.
How do you handle logistics and shipping?
We manage logistics and shipping, ensuring timely and safe delivery of products through reliable partners.
What kind of support do you provide after delivery?
We continue to support you by addressing any issues and ensuring products meet your satisfaction.
Can you help with custom product designs?
Yes, we collaborate with you to develop and produce custom products meeting your specific needs.
How do you manage communication between all parties involved?
We facilitate seamless communication, ensuring your requirements are understood and met.
What measures do you take to ensure timely delivery?
We monitor production schedules and coordinate logistics to ensure on-time delivery.
How do you handle changes or modifications to the order?
We are flexible and responsive to changes, ensuring modifications are implemented smoothly.
What is your process for selecting suppliers?
We rigorously vet suppliers, evaluating their capabilities, quality control, and reliability.
How do you ensure that suppliers comply with industry standards?
We conduct regular audits and inspections to ensure compliance with international standards.
Can you provide references from other clients?
Yes, we can provide references from other satisfied clients upon request.
Do you offer any guarantees or warranties on the products?
We work with suppliers who offer guarantees or warranties and ensure terms are clearly communicated.
How can we get started with Kaizen Global Sourcing?
Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs and get started.
What industries do you serve?
We serve various industries, including automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, and consumer goods.
How do you handle urgent or rush orders?
We expedite production and delivery to meet urgent needs while maintaining quality.
What are the benefits of sourcing from India?
Competitive pricing, high-quality manufacturing, and supply chain diversification.
How do you manage cultural and communication differences?
We bridge the cultural and communication gap, ensuring your requirements are clearly understood and met.
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