Pressure Die Components & Peripherals

At Kaizen Global Sourcing, we deliver a comprehensive array of high-precision die casting accessories designed to meet the exacting standards of the manufacturing industry. Our product line includes critical guide components such as guide pillars, guide bushes, and compound guide systems, ensuring precise alignment and operational stability. Additionally, we offer peripheral components like ejector pins, locating rings, and sprue bushes, engineered for optimal performance and durability in high-pressure environments. By sourcing from leading manufacturers, we ensure that each accessory contributes to the accuracy, efficiency, and longevity of your die casting operations. Rely on Kaizen Global Sourcing for your essential die casting tools and components, tailored to enhance your production capabilities.
  • Guide Pillar
  • Guide Bush
  • Compound Guide Pillar
  • Compound Guide Bush
  • Sub Guide Pillar
  • Return Pin
  • Locating Sleeve
  • Sub Guide Bush
  • Stop Button
  • Sprue Bush
  • Locating Ring
  • Taper Interlocks
  • Straight Side Interlocks
  • Stepped Ejector Pins
  • Ejector Pins
  • Cylinder Dowel Pins
  • Taper Dowels Pins
  • Stripper bush
  • Detachable Pillar Assembly
  • Ball cages, Guide Pillar
  • Piercing Punch with head
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